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The Winners of Eduard Pamfil International Festival of Young Guitarists
The Winners of Eduard Pamfil International Festival of Young Guitarists


05 January 2009

Cristina Ciortan is the winner of the D Category Guitar Competition of the 13th edition. She is now the owner of a Constantin Dumitriu guitar, valued to 3500 euros.

Here is the complete list of prizes:

D Category:

  • I - Cristina Ciortan (Bucuresti, prof. Liviu Georgescu)
  • II - Eduard Leata (Bucuresti, prof. Liviu Georgescu)
  • III - Georgeta Zamfirescu (Bucuresti, prof. Catalin Stefanescu-Patrascu)
  • Special Prize - Ana-Maria Iordache (Bucuresti, prof. Eugen Mang), Lucretia Patrascanu (Bucuresti, prof. Eugen Mang), Bogdan Mihailescu (Bucuresti, prof. Liviu Georgescu)

C Category:

  • I - Ana-Maria Iordache (Bucuresti, prof. Eugen Mang)
  • II - was not awarded
  • III - Matei Rusu (Iasi, prof. Lazar Constantin)
  • III - Walter Bucholtzer (Iasi, prof. Eugen Mang)
  • III - Radu Ionescu (Bucuresti, prof. Liviu Georgescu)
  • Special Prize - Octavia Saratean (Cluj-Napoca, prof. Stefan Trifan)

B Category:

  • I - Sergiu Hudrea (Cluj-Napoca, prof. Stefan Trifan)
  • I - Alecu Ciapi (Cluj-Napoca, prof. Stefan Trifan)
  • II - Iuliana Camelia Nitu (Bucuresti, prof. Eugen Mang)
  • III - Patricia Nicula (Cluj-Napoca, prof. Stefan Trifan)
  • III - Roxana Borisova (Ruse, Bulgaria,prof.  Ivan Kochev)
  • M - Diana Moldovan (Cluj-Napoca, prof. George Muntean)


A Category:

  • I - Ioan Oprisan (Bucuresti, prof. Eugen Mang)
  • II - Alexandra Albeanu (Craiova, prof. George Mitrache)
  • III - Vlad Soare (Cluj-Napoca, prof. Stefan Trifan)
  • III - Erol Isal (Bucuresti, prof. Eugen Mang)
  • III - Elena Monica Urzica (Bucuresti, prof. Costin Soare)


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