Sergiu Hudrea

At just 8 years old, Sergiu Hudrea debuted on the stage of classical guitar festivals, earning the first awards that opened the way for more than 65 prizes among which there are 32 first prizes in international competitions all around Europe and also in the USA.

After many first prizes in the most important Romanian competitions such as Transilvania International Guitar Festival in Cluj, The International Festival in Sinaia, the Eduard Pamfil Youth Guitar Festival in Bucharest and the "Terra Siculorum" Odorheiul-Secuiesc, in 2010, Sergiu started participating in competitions outside the country, where he was awarded: the Special Prize at the Andres Segovia Festival Velbert, Germany, the First Prize at "Antonio de Torres" Competition of the "Julian Arcas" Festival in Almeria, Spain and the 1st Prize at The International ART Guitar Festival in Belgrade, Serbia, where he also had the privilege to work with Master Pepe Romero. Moreover, he managed to win the First Prize at the Sarajevo International Guitar Festival, 3rd prize at GFA Columbus, GA, USA, in Gorizia-Italy, Budapest-Hungary, and in Bale-Valle, Croatia.

In 2011 after winning the National Music Olympics two years in a row, the Romanian Ministry of Education awarded him with the Diploma of Excellence. One year later, he obtained the Ambassador Award for Cluj by the City Hall of his beloved hometown, Cluj-Napoca.

He has performed several recitals at various events and festivals in Cluj, Odorheiu-Secuiesc, Piatra-Neamt, Targu-Mures, Bucharest, but also abroad, in Hungary, Serbia and Germany, France and the United Kingdom. He was also invited to give a concert for the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company in 2010..

In 2018 he was one of the finalists in the  “Romania’s got talent” competition, which is the most popular TV  show in the country and which that year had broken its previous rating numbers.

In 2016, after finishing his high school degree, Sergiu left his country and longtime professor Stefan Trifan, in order to pursue his bachelor degree at the École Supérieure Musique et Danse Hauts-de-France in Lille, with Judicael Perroy as his main professor, and Carlo Marchione and Florian Larousse as his assistant professors.

In France Sergiu managed to mature into a fuller artist, giving performances in numerous venues such as the Beaux-Arts Museum, the Nouveau Siècle, and the Conservatory of Lille. There he got the chance to work with different chamber music groups and be a part of a Spanish Baroque music project with the Lille University Chamber Orchestra in played and traveled in the nearby cities of Lille. These experiences helped him step out of the guitaristic sphere and experiment with a broad specter of classical music.

In 2019, after entering the prestigious Royal Academy of Music, Sergiu is pursuing his Master's studies with Michael Lewin. He is now working both on solo and chamber music projects and following his passion for teaching as well.