Denis Bizhga

Denis Bizhga is graduated from the national music school "Jordan Misja" for classical guitar, in Tirana. He studied classical guitar at the University of Arts, Albania.

Has completed a postgraduate course in musical interpretation collaboration between the University of Arts of Albania and the Umbria Academy of Music. He has attended courses in education and research from the Institute for Education and Computer Science. It is certified by the Institute of Educational Development as a qualified teacher, approved by the Ministry of Education, Albania.

Today he is a doctoral student at the University of History and Philology, in the Department of Cultural Heritage, Tirana. He has a Bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana. He worked as a guitar professor at the "Robert Radoja" Academy of Music. External lecturer at the University of Arts.

Denis has reformulated all classical guitar study programs for all music schools in Albania, approved by the Ministry of Public Education. He has played guitar concerts as a soloist or chamber music, in different countries and festivals. He is currently the head of the guitar department at the “Jordan Misja” National School of Music and a professor of classical guitar at the European University of Tirana.

Denis Bizhga is the artistic director and organizer of the "Albania Guitar Festival".